Tom Hiddleston on Chris Hemsworth’s blinding beauty.


Just reached a pretty nice follower count, so I thought it was time to make another one of these! It’s pretty updated with more blogs I have come to love and stalk daily. Why are you all so lovely and talented, I just don’t understand. ;__; Thank you so much for always making my dash beautiful and lovely, I wish I could kiss and hug each and every one of you if I could. I got rid of the dashes on some urls because they ruin the formatting for some reason.. but I think I have everyone linked correctly! I probably forgot a couple of blogs I really wanted to include.. I promise I’ll include you all next time. Cry. I hope you all have a nice Halloween! Never stop being fabulous, please!!! (Oh yeah, italicized blogs are my favorites out of each group bunch. Yes, my favorites.)

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thank you Jay <3 (and asdfhasdjf your username!!)

Happy 30th birthday, Jesse Eisenberg! (October 5, 1983)


♪ everybody
          2 days to SHINee’s first comeback performance

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水原希子 for NYLON JAPAN, July 2013


水原希子 for NYLON JAPAN, July 2013